Success Stories

Ramiro Gonalzes

Ramiro Gonzalez

Maintenance Refrigeration, Brazos Processing

I have been employed with Sanderson Farms since August 2002. I recently quit smoking in January of this year after I had smoked for over 22 years. I will be able to reduce my insurance by being a non-tobacco user at open enrollment. I was smoking one to two packs per day and by not smoking anymore I am able to save money from buying cigarettes and I feel a whole lot better!

Ronnie Johnson

1st Shift Shuttle Truck Driver, Foods Division

After attending the Wellness Fair in 2010, I discovered that I had high blood pressure and was a little overweight. At first I was hesitant about going to the classes that were offered, but then I decided that it was best I attend for my health. The classes taught me how to eat healthier, how to properly exercise
and how to manage my blood pressure. At the 2011 Wellness Fair, I passed all the required tests.

I am very thankful to Sanderson Farms for offering the Wellness Fair and the classes. Thank you, Sanderson Farms!

Emma Johnson

1st Shift Cookline, Foods Division

In 2010, I failed the Wellness Program that was offered by Sanderson Farms. In 2011, I attended the same program and passed because my cholesterol and blood pressure were down. I feel good about the classes and I believe it is a good idea to participate in them. I recommend it to everyone with medical problems.

Roshell Ball

1st Shift Cookline Pack-off, Foods Division

I attended the Wellness Fair in 2010 and 2011 at Sanderson Farms Foods Division. I failed in 2010 because my blood pressure was higher than the recommended range. Because of this, I participated in the Wellness Classes that were offered. In 2011, my blood pressure was right on target and this is due to the fact that I attended the classes and followed the trainers’ recommendations on diet and exercise. Thank you, Sanderson Farms, for helping me live a happier, healthier life.

Kimieko Williams

Debone Crew, Hazlehurst Processing

I have worked on the Debone crew for four years. Due to the Sanderson Farms Health Initiative, I was made aware of my health and decided to make a change for me and my family.

I am 36 years old and I knew I needed a change because of my health. I had blood pressure problems, weighed 276 pounds, my knees and back hurt. I decided I needed a lifestyle change. I started to eat the right things like baked foods, salads, and added more fiber to my diet. I also drink plenty of water. I am losing weight the natural way, no pills. I joined an exercise class at Greater Damascus that consists of two days a week and I go walking. As I started out, at least one of my family members would come with me. I became involved in a 12-week challenge to lose 14 pounds at the exercise class and won first place. Also, my husband walks with me at least two miles in the park so I must say I stuck with it. We are closer than ever and my health problems have completely turned around. I am going to start on a six-week challenge with my friends from the class. Now I am 235 pounds and steady losing. My family members are my biggest supporters. I love them so much and I thank God every day.

James Carpenter

Clean-up, Laurel Production Hatchery

I enjoyed the classes offered and believe that my health has benefited from the information obtained from the class. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar are all back within a healthy range. I have learned which foods promote a healthier diet as well as which foods to stay away from. The food I love the most is sliced bread, which I have cut back on to two slices a week. Since this one change in my diet, my cholesterol has gone down dramatically and my back has quit hurting. I also believe that my diet has contributed to less gout problems. I have lost almost eight pounds and am aiming for more weight loss. I have been walking and riding my bicycle to and from work.