Eat Healthy

Improving your health usually starts in two areas: eating habits and exercise. The combination of the two is a sure way to start down the path to better health and wellness.

Making the healthiest choices for snacks and meals doesn’t mean eating tasteless foods, or that certain foods are contraband. It means making a conscious decision every time you eat. Making small changes in your eating habits will have a big impact on your health in the long run.

If you would like information on how to improve your eating habits, visit or the Harvard School of Public Health.

And for all of those healthy recipes that contain something other than chicken (gasp! What’s that?), here are a few sites that we love right now:

Remember, the way you eat plays a big role in your overall health. A diet low in saturated fats, high in fiber and containing an abundance of fruits and vegetables can prevent or prolong the onset of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and a number of other illnesses.

Your health is your responsibility, so make the most of it!