Staff Auditor

Primary Functions:

Under the direction of the Senior Staff Auditor:

  • Appraises activities within the organization for the review of accounting, financial and other operations as an information service to management.
  • Performs functional, departmental, operational, management and financial audits throughout the company’s operating divisions and the general office.
  • Supplies management personnel at all levels and all locations with information that will be helpful to them in properly controlling the functions for which they are responsible.
  • Determines and monitors the adequacy of the company’s systems of control through analysis and testing and makes recommendation for change as necessary.
  • Investigates compliance with rules of regulating agencies and compliance with company policies, procedures and internal controls.
  • Reviews, evaluates, and tests company compliance with SARBANES-OXLEY SECTION 404 requirements.
  • Coordinates audit programs with external auditors and provides them with audit information.
  • Works alone or with other staff auditors and/or accounting trainees as directed in performing scheduled audit work and assigned duties and responsibilities.

Major Responsibilities:  

  • Internal audit is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and reporting the effectiveness of the manager’s control of the company’s operation and accountability of the company’s assets, along with compliance with company internal controls, policies, and procedures. By virtue of this responsibility, the Staff Auditor must work in all areas of the company’s activities. The Staff Auditor will, as a matter of routine, work in (but is not limited to) the following subject areas:
    • Inventory Control: product, supplies, invoicing, reporting, procurement, pricing, issuing, obsolescence, security, accounting for, observation, receiving, etc.
    • Petty Cash Funds – verifies.
    • Accounts Receivable – verifies.
    • Accounts Payable – controls and verifies.
    • Payroll; Personnel Records – controls and verifies.
    • Data Processing – controls.
    • Bank Account Reconciliation – verifies.
    • Fixed Assets – verifies existence of assets, sees that proper safeguards for assets are maintained and prevents or discovers fraud.
    • Shipping, Sales and Collections – controls and verifies.
    • Audits effectiveness of various corporate policies, procedures, and internal/operating controls.
    • Follows through on recommendations made by outside auditors.
    • Reviews/investigates as assigned or requested.
  • The Staff Auditor is indirectly responsible to the activities or individuals being reviewed from the standpoint that any audit report or recommendations are to be offered:
    • From an objective viewpoint.
    • With the best interest of Sanderson Farms, Inc. in mind.
    • As findings relate to company policies, procedures and/or controls.
    • Without regard to personalities or positions.
    • As an opinion of the auditor.
    • Based on:
      • the extent of the investigation or view,
      • the findings, circumstances, conditions, and activities that are disclosed,
      • the background, training and experience of the auditor.
    • The Staff Auditor has access to all areas and all information pertaining to the assigned audit, investigation or review.
    • Audit job assignments and priorities are made by the Senior Staff Auditor.
    • The Staff Auditor issues reports that are classified as information reports or reports making recommendations. Recommendations reports document significant findings or minor findings.
    • Provides accounting information needed for effective planning and control as directed by Senior Staff Auditor by:
      • Providing standardization of forms and forms control service.
      • Training and aiding personnel in protecting and controlling company assets.
    • Provides corporate office services under direction of Senior Staff Auditor by assisting with:
      • Maintaining general office administrative warehouse and files.

Position Requirements:

  • Academic: BS or MS, accounting or related field (CPA desirable, not required)
  • Experience: One year experience in accounting or related work.

City: Laurel
State: Mississippi
Date Posted: January 4, 2018
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