Shop Trainee

Primary Functions:

  • To develop managerial and leadership skills while becoming knowledgeable about the poultry industry, Sanderson Farms, Inc., and its various divisions and vehicle maintenance positions.
  • Training for and performing duties of division fleet maintenance personnel including, but not limited to, Shop maintenance supervisor and Shop clerk.

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Developing effective management and leadership skills necessary to perform vehicle maintenance functions.
  • Become proficient in the company’s methods of operation and familiar with the goals and policies of the company and the divisions and their interrelationship.
  • Perform staff or managerial position duties as assigned to maintain maximum efficiency in the vehicle maintenance department, and do so in accordance with current position descriptions for those jobs/duties.
  • Perform those specific special assignments as may be required in an accurate and timely manner.

Position Requirements:

  • Academic
    • Two year associate’s degree in a technical field, or equivalent experience in the technical field
  • Physical – Must be able to do the following:
    • Lift items weighing 50 lbs; Remain on their feet for 8 hours at a time; Bend at the waist, squat and reach overhead; Work in cold temperatures, outside during summer temperatures, in wet conditions and/or in dusty conditions; Reside within a 30 minute radius of worksite; Possess CDL or be able to attain CDL status during training period

City: Laurel
State: Mississippi
Date Posted: January 3, 2018
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