Maintenance Supervisor

Primary Function:

  • Supervises and coordinates the scheduling, diagnosis and repairs of plant equipment.
  • Performs administrative duties preparing and maintaining records and writing reports in the area of maintenance, personnel and work orders.


Major Responsibilities:

  • Prepares work schedules, set priorities and assigns, supervises and coordinates work of maintenance personnel.
  • Supervises the ordering of parts, picking up parts and billing.
  • Examines and approves time cards.
  • Supervises progress on scheduled items and advises mechanics throughout the day.
  • Monitors plant throughout the day.
  • Manages the learning experience, training of maintenance personnel to continually improve their knowledge and skills in diagnosis and repairs of equipment.
  • Supervises maintenance and upkeep of all maintenance equipment and tools.
  • Performs other duties as required.
  • Manages labor cost, overtime, and material usage.
  • Coordinates ordering of parts and parts inventory with Purchasing Agent.


Position Requirements:

  • Academic:
    • High school graduate or equivalent.
    • Formal electrical training or equivalent.
  • Experience:
    • Two years of experience in manufacturing plants.
    • Knowledge of welding, electrical, mechanical and refrigeration.
    • One year of experience supervising people.

City: Kinston
State: North Carolina
Date Posted: August 21, 2017
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