HACCP Coordinator

Primary Function:

  • Supervises second shift Quality Control operations.
  • Works with other department heads to ensure the highest standard of quality for products as specified by Sanderson Farms’ quality assurance program.
  • Cooperates with customer representatives to ensure that current    specifications for products are being met.
  • Works with USDA inspection and grading personnel and production supervisors to ensure all requirements are being met.
  • Informs Quality Control Superintendent and Division Manager on variances from standards of equipment, personnel, incoming materials and finished products as it relates to quality control.


Major Responsibilities:

  • Trains and supervises activities of quality control personnel in the following areas at the Processing Division: poultry slaughter, eviscerating and chilling; fast food cut-up; marination; chill pack; deboning; other operations as needed.
  • Ensures quality of products received and produced by daily machine checks, moisture tests, temperature checks, saw cut checks, grade checks, proper icing, etc.
  • Ensures high yields by checking the accuracy of scales, scale sheets, weights from previous day’s production, package weights, etc.; monitor plant for floor waste, and do drain checks for usable product.
  • Prepares and distributes daily quality control reports for management.
  • Monitors plant for compliance with USDA regulations.
  • Manages the SIS program in plant.
  • Investigates and responds to customer inquiries and complaints as directed by the Division Manager, and Quality Control Superintendent.
  • Maintains quality control hold tag log and supervises hold tag program on second shift.
  • Inspects facility for pest activity and works with pest control company on extermination.
  • Monitors, evaluates and coordinates with sales and plant management, products returned from customers.
  • Communicates useful information to plant supervisors.
  • Orders necessary supplies and charts and coordinates with Division Manager and Quality Control Superintendent in preparing the quality control budgets.
  • Provides leadership and encouragement in a mood of safety consciousness as well as efficiency of production.
  • Performs other duties as required.


Position Requirements:

  • Academic: High school graduate with two years of college or technical training in related area or equivalent experience.
  • Experience: Two years of experience in quality assurance related area or completion of Sanderson Farms Management Training Program.

City: Waco
State: Texas
Date Posted: August 3, 2017
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