Eviscerating Supervisor

Primary Function:

  • Supervises the eviscerating department to achieve maximum yield, grade and efficiency of department cost.
  • Performs administrative duties preparing and maintaining all production and personnel records.


Major Responsibilities:

  • Sets up and starts the department for daily operation: checks equipment, places knives, scissors, condemn cans, vats, retain racks in proper positions.
  • Distributes to employees all needed equipment.
  • Performs pre-op inspections on sanitation and accompanies USDA on inspections (twice a day).
  • Reviews staffing needs and communicates with other departments on extra people to ensure labor efficiency throughout the plant.
  • Supervises and conducts checks on line operations during the day to ensure quality, grade and yield.
  • Attends all production and safety meetings.
  • Monitors QC, USDA, SIS, checks, giblet AQL and post chill checks to see standards are met.
  • Weighs and records all condemned product.
  • Provides Processing Superintendent with information concerning bird condition, equipment problems, product flow and other information regarding processing procedures.
  • Monitors safety in the department.
  • Takes monthly supply inventory.
  • Prepares maintenance repair orders and performs preventative maintenance on equipment.
  • Maintains all production, personnel and payroll records and reports.
  • Attends all production and safety meetings.
  • Performs other duties as required.


Position Requirements:

  • Academic: High school education or equivalent experience.
  • Experience: One year of experience in processing or related area.


City: St. Pauls
State: North Carolina
Date Posted: August 8, 2017
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