Corporate Paralegal

Primary Functions:

  • Reports to the General Counsel and provide support to the Company’s needs as it relates to litigation and risk management.
  • Collects, reviews, organizes, and tracks documents related to production in litigated matters, responding to subpoena requests, and responding to other document requests.
  • Maintains and updates recipient list and circulate Company litigation hold notices.
  • Maintains and updates a master list of Company confidentiality agreements/non-disclosure agreements and maintain a database of signed confidentiality agreements/non-disclosure agreements.
  • Coordinates claims administration with the insurance company and division management.
  • Assists and supports the General Counsel and the Risk Management Department as it relates to all areas of workers’ compensation matters and litigated matters

Major Responsibilities:  

  • Assists the General Counsel and the Risk Management Department will all litigated matters.
  • Assists the Risk Management Department with the Company’s background checks.
  • Works with the legal counsel in cases of litigation to protect the Company’s interest.
  • Assigns workers’ compensation and Texas Injury Benefit Plan claims to legal counsel.
  • Assigns auto claims, products liability, and other litigated claims to legal counsel.
  • Works with Company nurses, Claims Supervisors, and insurance company adjusters to administer employee Worker’s Compensation and TX Injury Benefit Plan claims.
  • Responsible for maintaining certificates of insurance.
  • Executes appropriate claims activities to ensure consistent delivery of quality claims service.
  • Performs related work as required.

Position Requirements:

  • Academic:  BS degree in Paralegal Studies or related field or equivalent experience
  • Experience: At least four years’ experience as a paralegal or similar role


City: Laurel
State: Mississippi
Date Posted: December 11, 2017
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