Clean Up Supervisor

Primary Function:

  • Supervises employees of the Clean-Up Department to ensure the processing plant is ready for the next day’s operation.
  • Maintains time records on personnel in this department.


Major Responsibilities:

  • Reviews sanitation reports with USDA for specific or unusual tasks to be performed.
  • Supervises employees of the Clean-Up Department to ensure all product in plant is properly put away before clean-up starts, assigns work stations and issues specific instructions.
  • Checks equipment and chemicals to make sure all are operating correctly.
  • Ensures employees are trained with compliance of all safety standards and procedures.
  • Monitors labor, overtime, supplies, and chemical usage to ensure acceptable cost levels.
  • Properly stores all materials used on shift at the end of the clean-up operation.
  • Re-checks complex to ensure sanitation of all departments; ensures all equipment and water not being used is turned off correctly.
  • Performs other duties as required.


Position Requirements:

  • Academic: High school diploma or equivalent experience.
  • Experience: Experience in sanitation or related area.

City: McComb
State: Mississippi
Date Posted: June 2, 2017
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